Korean skin whitening products

Ever wondered why do Korean women stay glowing even after crossing 40s? This is a no-brainer that women in Korea are obsessed with translucent white skin. They will tell you about how they spend their day layering up dozens of products and how carefully they will eat to stay in shape. What they will never tell you about is how they protect their skin from sun damage. Probably, because prevention from harmful UV rays is too basic for them to be even mentioned. Korean skin whitening routine revolves around sun protection & how to enhance the barrier between harmful UV rays & your skin through the course of the day.

Sun Protection & Korean Skin Whitening

Sun protection with Korean skin whitening sunscreen Cloud 9 Ray 360

Korean skin whitening & sun protection go hand in hand. You cannot maintain your complexion and glow if you fail to protect your skin from sun. Korean women look for sun protection balms that offer multiple benefits besides just sun protection. It must be hydrating, illuminating and tinted enough to match their skin tone.

Korean women stay looking vibrant even after a tiresome day at work because..

They Choose the Right Sun Protection

Korean skin whitening trends teach us to go for a sun protection balm that intercepts UV rays completely. This is the reason why all sun blocks from Korea are PA+++ along with SPF. PA+++ provides prevention from UVA rays whereas SPF indicates the efficiency against UVB rays. Moreover, unlike ordinary sun protectors; Korean skin whitening sunscreen neither cast a grey-ish sheen nor leaves unacceptable white streaks.

They Enhance Sun Protection during a Day

We tend to neglect applying sunscreen and even if we do, we are never bothered to reapply. Contrary to the western careless practices; Korean women who religiously follow Korean skin whitening methods, reapply the sun protection balm at least twice in a day. What more, they do it professionally. To strengthen the sun protection, they use air cushions or pumping cushions that have SPF and PA both. Skin79 Pumping cushion for instance delivers the power of SPF 50 & PA+++. Reapplying sunscreen in the form of cushion won’t smear the makeup instead helps touching up the foundation. It is so lightweight and hydrating that it goes from wet to powder.

They Wear Products in the Right Order

Last but not the least; it is important to wear the skin care products in the right order. Sun screen should always be on top of all products before makeup. The order should go from light products to heavier consistency. Wear your moisturizer & serum before the last layer of sunscreen.

Fortifying skin’s natural defense system is also considered a very important step in Korean skin whitening regime. Weekly using sheet masks such as 24K gold mask topically infuse your skin with the nutrition it requires.

Remember, if you are not making enough efforts to prevent your skin from possible sun damage; you will rarely find any difference in your complexion even when religiously following Korean skin whitening methods.