Holiday season & Thanksgiving feast often wreak havoc on your skin. Consuming all type of sugar-y, salt-y & spic-y food leaves your body bloated, dehydrated & wrinkled. Over-eating fatty foods cause pimples & acne that tend to leave scars. Thanksgiving is a call to travel for most of the people that itself is a stressed journey. If left untreated, the inflammation will continue to exist with clogged pores. Take a day out for quick yet effective skin treatment with Korean skin care regimen. Korean skin care products focus on deep cleansing & exfoliation to reduce inflammation by providing deep nourishment to the cells, resting beneath the dead debris of the unhealthy skin.

How Korean Skin Care Products help Rejuvenate Skin after Thanksgiving

It is fairly common & totally acceptable to neglect your skin on the cheat day of all cheat days. Eat your stomach full & consume the bounties of the family feast. However, keep your beauty armor ready to help your skin regain the lost beauty after the vacations. Preparing the biggest meal of the year & managing the leftovers is an overly stressing chore that leaves your skin look dull & mercilessly aged. Fortunately, Korean skin care regimen offers unbelievably instant results with products that are sourced from botanic and other organic ingredients.

Here is the jot down of the products you must include in your everyday routine in order to help your skin battle through the Thanksgiving after effects.

Hydrating Deep Cleanser

Korean skin care

There is no need to invest money insanely on ridiculously expensive products. The world is yet to see the miraculous product that provides impeccable texture & glowing finish at the first application. It’s a common saying “Slow & steady wins the race”. Same goes with skin care treatments. Korean skin care products help you rejuvenate the lost beauty through frequent & regular applications. Success lies in keeping the pace gradual thus start off your Korean skin care journey with a hydrating deep cleanser such as Skin79 Aloe Aqua Cleansing foam. Consuming dairy products & taking an extra munch of pumpkin pie clog your pores & break your skin out. Deep cleansing clears the pores & actually lays a strong foundation of healthy skin that is now ready to accept further nourishment.

Cloud 9 Blanc De Whitening Cream

Having rounds of alcohol turns your skin dry & scaly. The excessive work load also leaves a bad impact on your skin for which you need a calming emollient. Cloud 9 Blanc De Whitening cream hydrates skin from within & relieves stressed skin. The pudding texture melts instantly that facilitates quick adherence & deeper penetration.

cloud 9 Korean skin care whitening cream

Besides nourishing the skin, it brightens skin temporarily for 12 hours. Cloud 9 whitening cream relieves dehydration caused by caffeine, soda & other diuretics.

Guerisson 9 Complex Hydrogel Gold Mask

Korean skin care 24k gold mask

This 24k gold mask is the last step of Korean skin care therapy. The healing mask provides instant relief from environmentally aggressive factors. It has a firming impact that calms stressed skin. As per research, consuming dairy & saucy products is highly inflammatory which aggravate acne, wrinkles & rashes.

Guerisson 24k gold mask promotes soft & smooth appearance which is most needed after hectic engagements during holiday season.

To achieve flawless texture & dewy finish, your skincare regimen does not necessarily need to be complex in order to be effective. Simple everyday Korean skin care products help you pave the ways. Drinking plenty of water further keeps the plan simple since hydrating your skin is one less thing to worry about. For a great detox Korean skin care regimen, we recommend slathering Skin79 Aloe Aqua Soothing gel on daily basis.