24 k gold mask korea

While it may sound ridiculous to have a 24K gold mask facial; you will be surprised to find out that gold has been used since ancient times to rejuvenate dead skin. Gold mineral contains innumerable benefits for human skin. It revitalizes the complexion, improve wrinkle formation & facilitate collagen production. With advancement in technology, 24K gold mask is now available in thin sheet masks that you can apply at home, leave and flip! These hydrogel sheet masks adhere to the contours of your face firmly while enriching your skin with the goodness of gold and other patent vital ingredients that may vary from brand to brand.

How effective are 24K Gold Mask Facial Sheets?

It is believed that Cleopatra would take 24K gold bath to help her body feel newer. Japanese, Romans and Egyptians have also long been using gold treatments.

24K gold mask sheets by Guerisson

24K gold mask sheets provide deep nourishment while hydrating your skin. With the availability of gold sheet masks, you can pamper yourself at home without having to visit an expensive spa. Below are the most promising advantages of 24K gold mask sheets.

1.Hyper pigmentation & Sun Damage

If you are a field worker, your skin is at the most risk. Slathering a generous thick layer of sun burn won’t be retrieving your complexion back until you make efforts to provide deep nourishment to the epidermal tissues that have received the most UV rays. 24K gold mask facial provides instant soothing sensation & relief from sun burn. It improves hyperpigmentation, reduces inflammation & redness, helps shrinking enlarged pores & fade out acne marks/spots.

2.Improves Complexion

Korean skin care lays great stress on achieving a translucent & rosy white complexion. 24K gold mask facial sheets make it easier. These instant sheet masks help brightening up complexion. It further smoothens your skin for a soft texture & an impeccable glow that lasts 72 hours after application.

3.Youthful Appearance

24K gold mask makes you look younger than your age. It improves collagen production which usually starts to deplete after you turn 25.  Having a gold treatment once a week or 15 days improves the signs of ageing such as appearance of fine lines & wrinkles that begins to form after the collagen’s production has been compromised.

4.Long Lasting Hydration

Aimed at very dry & mature skin, 24K gold mask ensure deliverance of adequate hydration. It is recommended to avoid washing face until the glorious essence is completely absorbed into the skin. The treatment duration could vary depending on the type. 24K gold sheet masks are to be applied for 40 minutes for an intense life & an immediate bright complexion.

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