Korean skin care products

It is complicated however fortunately, the most answered question in the beauty arena. Dry skin is caused by the lack of natural oil production whereas the key feature of oily skin is the abundance of the same oil i.e. sebum. There are many reasons contributing to the said skin condition but using substandard products or cosmetics that are not meant for your skin type could be the leading factors. Fortunately a number of Korean skin care products help restoring the oil-moisture balance. Being organic & sourced from botanicals, Korean skin care products are rarely reported to be damaging. The rare active ingredients focus to nourish the skin deeply where the emphasis is always on strengthening skin’s natural barrier by keeping it hydrated & moisturized.

Difference between Dry Skin & dehydrated Skin


How can your skin be deficient yet over-producing the same oil? Something definitely looks messed up. The condition where you get a feeling of tightness, wrinkles, patches of dry flakes & irritable sensitive skin along with a gooey thin sheen is a temporary ailment i.e. “Dehydration”. Good news – it is curable using the appropriate Korean skin care products such as Guerisson Delight cream that boasts oxygenated water & horse oil.

Korean Skin Care Products: The Best Match of Dehydrated Skin

Before we proceed describing this temporary yet painful condition, take a sharp note- “dehydration” must not be confused with “dry skin type”. Dehydration occurs when the PH level of your skin is disturbed where the preventive layer of lipids (the upper most skin layer) is disrupted which results in water loss & an imbalanced oil-moisture level. Guerisson Delight cream containing oxygenated water & ultra-moisturizing horse oil strengthens skin barrier & provides an instant supply of moisture that is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Now what is Oxygenated Water?

Korean cosmetic industry is far ahead than western. The bio engineers & cosmetologists are always found studying & discovering natural ingredients that could assist humanity healing the skin disorders. Oxygenated water means water with more oxygen. It is collected from volcanic islands where natural filtration occurs that enriches water with the abundance of rare minerals. Since skin is the last organ to receive water from the body, it is mandatory to fulfill the hydration needs externally.

Korean skin care Guerisson delight cream

Heals flaky patches, dryness, irritable & sensitive skin. Provides an immense boost of moisture

Guerisson Delight cream is particularly formulated for people with dehydrated skin. Oxygenated water combined with ultra-moisturizing horse oil keep your skin hydrated & moisturized. Horse oil imitate the chemistry of human’s natural secretion “sebum” which helps it penetrate deep into the skin tissues. The product is also known to turn skin firmer. It also brightens the complexion & smoothen fine lines.

How to Prevent Dehydration?

  1. Abrupt temperature variations may damage the lipid layer which leads to flaky patches. Avoid frequent hot showers & wear SPF during summer with a wide-brim hat
  2. Don’t jump on the bandwagon skin care products. Always read the ingredients & keep making amendments in your skin care regimen as per the changing seasons.
  3. Avoid alcohol & smoking. Too much of caffeine also dries out skin.
  4. Use products that contain hydrating & moisturizing ingredients.

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