combat winter dryness with Korean beauty products

Dry indoor heat & cold winter breeze outside; together, form an uncomfortable environment that aggravates dryness leaving your skin scaly and lips chapped. Re-hydrating your body inside out is crucial to attain a supple, soft & smooth texture. The best way to maintain a healthy glow is to increase the intake of right liquids (water, herbal teas & citrus fruits). Since it may be counter-intuitive to gulp down a glass full of water when the temperature drops; relying on these 3 promising Korean beauty products can be fruitful.

How to Rehydrate Dry Skin in winter?

Combating dryness worsened by the winter season is nothing easy. Unless you take measures to hydrate your body; all efforts of wearing a several bunch of emollients will go in vain. As per the myth dehydration is more of a summer concern but contradictorily winter & dehydration goes hand in hand. The air you breathe in winter is drier, to humidify which; your lungs have to work harder. The more your lungs work, the more water you need to drink. Furthermore, in colder months the mucus membrane in nose & mouth tends to get drier that can be moistened using home hydrosols & humidifiers.

The topical treatments include an aggressive skin care approach that helps skin absorb more liquids. Korean skin care regime boasts a dozen of products specially formulated to combat dryness. Applying toner, essence & serum holds a prominent position in Korean beauty regime that actually help adherence of other skin friendly emollients.

3 Korean Beauty Products that Help Retaining Moisture

1.DIY Organic Rose Aloe Mist 

Rose Aloe Aqua Mist

Mists are mini shower to your skin that is turning dry & brittle over the course of the day. Keeping an organic mist handy will soak your face in the freshness of the plant extracts. Aloe aqua facial mist immediately rehydrates while lifting up the senses. Simply mix Skin79 Aloe aqua gel with rose water in equal proportions and spritz any time anywhere on makeup or bare face.

2. Guerisson 9 Complex Essence


An essence is lighter in weight that comes after a toner when you are into layering skincare products. Guerisson 9 Complex essence improves moisture retention, firms skin & ensures that skin stays youthful & radiant. Containing mineral water, Guerisson 9 complex essence detoxifies skin, quenches thirst & prevents dryness.

3. Cloud 9 Blanc De Whitening Serum


The biggest difference between an essence and serum is the concentration. A serum is usually available in small bottles since they are highly concentrated. Cloud 9 Blanc de whitening skin serum strengthens skin barrier, improves moisture retention & restores oil moisture balance.

Serum is the last skincare product you wear before makeup application. It primes skin ensuring smooth base for foundation. The resultant velvety texture is flawless & enviable.

You don’t necessarily need both essence & serum in your skin care routine unless you have itchy, dry & brittle skin. A serum is an essential oil & oils helps locking in the moisture. Whereas an essence being light, penetrates deeper into skin tissues that nourishes skin from within.

The foot note: Keep your favorite hot beverages at hand, humidify the air you breathe in & include Korean beauty products to stay hydrated in winter. Remember it is quintessential to replace what you lose. Thus drinking plenty of water & re-applying your emollients after you wash face is the key to maintain a vibrant skin texture if you have chronically coarse & lack lustrous skin.