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“Korean women are narcissus”, this is how world judge them. They flaunt impeccable skin texture (and we secretly envy them, yes) with rosy glow which of course is not Heaven- sent. Korean celebrities swear by foaming cleansers, sheet masks, essences & serum. These Korean skin care products contain active ingredients that aim to repair the cell damage, make your skin more resilient by forming a protective barrier & nourish it from within to maintain the youthful look. Including these miraculous beauty products in your daily self-prep routine hold the abilities to transform your skin incredibly for the next party season.

Korean skin care products are mostly sourced from organic ingredients this is why they yield long-lasting results that are unparalleled. Women in Korea are famous for the notorious skincare that they religiously follow. They can skip a meal but will not skip a step in skin care regime. To accomplish flawless texture & uniform skin tone at Christmas, follow this 4 weeks Korean skin care challenge.

Korean Skin Care Challenge: Glowing Skin in just 4 Weeks

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1.Kick start your journey by deep cleansing. Korean women are very conscious about squeaky clean skin for which they take support of foaming facial cleansers followed by a nutritiously enriched Korean skin care sheet mask. Choose a light cleanser that is hydrating enough to keep your skin smooth & supple for the harsh season of winter. Snail Nutrition cleansing foam helps retaining moisture, improves elasticity & provide deep nutrition. Its mild bubble formula has a gentle exfoliating effect that helps getting rid of the dead skin cells. Using an effective foaming facial wash prepares your skin to accept a concrete skincare plan.

2.Prepare your Skin for the subsequent products: We all know that Korean skin care is not limited to a moisturizer only but extends to applying about a dozen of other products. These beauty goddesses strive hard to maintain their beauty thus have always a kit ready, containing luxurious Korean skin care products at hand. Skin essence is the second step in Korean skin care routine that prepares your skin for the subsequent products. It has a lotion like runny consistency that absorbs quickly & quenches the thirst of skin in chilly winters. Guerisson 9 Complex skin essence is responsible to improve the overall skin condition. It is used by all ages & is recommended to all skin types. It is a detoxifying skin essence that keeps dryness at bay & introduce a luminous shine in no time.

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3.Spot Treatment with Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening Serum: Serums hold a pivotal position in Korean skin care. They are very concentrated oils that help quick fixes & spot treatments. Serums address specific skin concerns such as acne, dryness, whitening or improving the appearance of fine lines. Cloud9 Blanc DE Whitening serum reverse signs of ageing whilst naturally brightening your skin. The viscous creamy texture allows deep penetration that ensures a primed face for makeup application.

Wear these Korean skin care products underneath makeup every day to achieve an immaculate skin texture. Following this 4 weeks challenge vows to make you stand out at the Christmas’ yule ball. Steal the show with your hard-earned translucent skin that looks healthy & glowing!

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