With changing weather, comes acne. We wish it was not true but winter can go worse on your skin if it is sensitive & acne prone. Dry skin & clogged pores are a horrible combination, which you could battle through including just one product i.e. a moisturizing facial toner. Trust is there is nothing standing between a clear impeccable skin and you but just one toner!

4 Benefits of Skin Toner

1. Softens & Moisturizes

Through constant use of drying bar soaps and foaming facial wash, our skin gets dry & brittle. Our skin is naturally acidic whereas the alkaline nature of foaming cleansers and bar soaps leaves our skin vulnerable to invasion of bacteria and infection. The skin barrier is weakest in winter and this is the time where we find lack of moisture & hydration in our bodies. A toner helps neutralizing the PH balance provided it does not tout alcohol & other drying ingredients. Guerisson 9 Complex toner boasts a mild organic formula and organic ingredients such as resurrection plant that is able to retain moisture for days. Furthermore, the addition of vitamins and amino acids helps softening dry skin, which is what you actually need when the winter hits hard!

2.Shrinks Pores

A toner helps shrinking pores. Enlarged and saggy pores make you look older. Furthermore, open pores act like a landfill of product build-up. Applying a small amount of toner will shrink pores giving you porcelain like smooth texture

3. Squeaky Clean Face

Dabbing a little quantity of toner using a cotton swab will help getting rid of even the minor traces of dirt & makeup residue. As a result, you get brighter looking healthy complexion

4. Helps Skin Rejuvenate

It rejuvenates skin by adding an extra layer of protection. It penetrates quickly into skin by repairing skin barrier and helping subsequent products get absorbed magically.