summer skincare with Korean beauty products

We hate to break it to you but let’s face it- summer with blazing heat is almost here. After long hibernation during winter cold months, you might find yourself excited to receive some Vitamin D but you must not forget how over exposing to sun can affect your body negatively. Slathering up layers over layers of sunblock is not enough until you have a flexible skin care routine that is adaptable to the changing weather. Central heating turns skin dry. Similarly air-conditioning makes skin sensitive to the environment, leading to dryness that is worse than winter. Beauty therapists recommend using organically sourced products when the weather turns mercilessly warm because usage of harsh chemicals can aggravate the concerns. Korean beauty products with soaring fame for the same reason have made it to the aisles of western drugstores. Maintaining a complexion that glows throughout the year does not require you to go through chemical peels. Don’t remove your skin but nourish it!

Top 3 Korean Beauty Products for summer

guerisson & Cloud9 Korean beauty products

Summer skincare products by Guerisson & Cloud 9

We are left with no options except deep cleansing followed by a chain of skin care rituals, until researchers find a way to help our skin prevent reacting to the environment. Asian women are obsessed with skin care & Korean beauty products help them achieve worthwhile & long-lasting results. A thoughtfully planned skin care program reduces signs of ageing, stress & environmental damage. As the summer approaches, women move to pools & beach where sand & chlorine do more bad than good. True, tanning your pale winter body is an attraction but failing to protect it on a never-ending sunbath will burn your skin forever. These top 4 Korean beauty products discussed below are effective & nourishing. Providing an instant boost of moisture, you acquire flawless translucent skin that glows from with in

1.Cloud 9 Magic Capsule Cleanser

Deep cleansing is mandatory to get rid of the dirt, debris and smoke your skin battles through the course of the day. A foaming cleanser effectively removes irritants not only from the surface but also fetch the impurities out of the clogged pores. Containing goat milk & rice water; this hydrating cleanser penetrates deep into the skin & provides nourishing protein to ensure a clearer looking brighter skin.

2.Cloud 9 Korean Skin Whitening Cream

Bleaching your skin may be a good option to reveal a brighter complexion but the side effects are tremendously gross. Bleaching leaves your skin dry, inflamed & may lead to skin cancer. Skin whitening, if considered essential to achieve the beauty standards in your region, you must do it naturally than ripping your skin off its natural oils by bleaching. Cloud 9 whitening cream is a Korean beauty product featuring 9 herb formula that blocks the production of melanin to turn your skin brighter over the course of time. The cream is effective to reduce puffiness, inflammation & helps soothing stressed skin. Being highly hydrating, it is safe to be reapplied as many times a day as you want.

3.Guerisson 9 Complex Lotion

Scorching rays of the sun rips the outer most lipid layer of skin that actually is a barrier from environmental aggressors. When the lipid layer is broken, your skin becomes fragile & thinner that leads to dryness, flakiness, inflammation & blotches. It is crucial to maintain an oil-moisture balance & Korean beauty products excel at it. Containing macadamia nut oil, Guerisson 9 Complex lotion helps sealing in the moisture & promotes a smooth texture. It strengthens skin’s natural barrier whereas horse oil quickly penetrates facilitating an immediate non-greasy glow.

Sun, sea and salt are exciting fun factors of summer season but they can be drying to the skin. Increase intake of water to help flushing out the toxins & include a range of organic Korean beauty products in your daily skin care regimen to maintain a gorgeous glow.