Korean skin whitening: Sun protection in winter

Obsessed with the concept of Korean skin whitening, cosmetologists in Korea keep coming up with advanced and innovative sunscreen formulae to provide the sun protection that the customer demands. Korean sun protectors such as Cloud9 Ray 360 will be your best bet to ensure prevention against both UVA and UVB rays.

Incorporate a Sunscreen in your Winter Korean Skin Whitening Regime

Most of us tend to be at ease when it comes to sun protection in winter. Though in summer you are more prone to sun damage; winter UV rays are comparatively sneakier. They find you off guard & penetrate through your epidermis causing horrendous skin infections. Korean people, obsessed about skincare consider smooth & dewy skin as the epitome of beauty. Achieving a translucent skin texture is however not possible until you wear a veil of sunscreen both in summer & winter.

Understand UVA & UVB Rays to cope up with Korean Skin Whitening Routine

People assume that sun gets weaker in colder climate hence no damaging UV rays to reach the Earth. Unfortunately, you have been wrong all your life. We are sorry to bring this into your knowledge, but you have to know this once and for all. Sun emits two types of UV rays with different wavelengths. UVA rays are longer wavelength rays that reach Earth, no matter what. If there is sunlight reaching you, there will be UVA rays. These rays are strongest and will penetrate through the deeper tissues of human body. Whereas UVB rays are short wavelengths that reach Earth only when it is tilted closer towards the Sun. This is why summers are hotter & winters are milder.

Sun protection with Korean skin whitening sunscreen Cloud 9 Ray 360

Even though experts opine there is a little difference among sunscreen formulae over SPF 30 when used properly; it is recommended to use a sun protector with SPF 50. Sunscreen should be the last layer of your sunscreen whereas people either treat it as the first layer or totally skip it. This is why Korean skin whitening experts suggest to use Cloud9 Ray 360 sun protector for the longest & fullest interception from harmful UV rays. It is called Ray 360 because it is capable of blocking all radiations that are emitted from natural and artificial light sources.

UV interception is as important in winter as it is in summer. The only difference that makes sun fable in winter is the absence of UVB rays. Since UVA rays that are more harmful & intense always exist; you should never neglect wearing sun protection underneath your foundation!