Korean skin whitening products for winter

True, winter season is always unwanted for many of us. It wreaks havoc on our skin, hair & body. Dehydration, dryness and inflammation are some of the side effects we have to bear throughout the season. What worse than all is “dull & dark complexion” that is tough to get rid of. In Korean skin care regime, there are special Korean skin whitening products that help you alleviate winter skin concerns effortlessly. Besides taking a sound sleep and increasing fluid intake, Korean skin whitening products are what you should be keeping handy to battle the winter blues.

Understanding why Winter Turns Complexion Darker

Without understanding the root cause, it is almost impossible to treat an illness. In winter we neglect drinking water & applying sunscreen. Winter chills keep most of us too lazy to get up from the bed and moisturize the right way. The hot air inside and the cold breeze outdoors together turn skin dry, irritated and scaly. Winter rips skin off its natural moisture and disturbs skin’s ability to retain water. When skin protection barrier gets disturbed, aggressors from environment damage skin & leave it dull & rough.

Korean skin whitening experts recommend the following 3 steps to maintain the same dewy complexion you have had in summer

1.Exfoliation is the Key

If you skin has been scaly since the winter began, you are probably skipping at exfoliation. Exfoliation helps you get rid of the dry skin and brings out a smooth, glowing and shiny new skin over the surface. Be cautious, over exfoliation leaves your skin inflamed. Choose mild facial products.

2.Moisturising the Right Way

Most of the women are seem to complain about having dry skin even though they moisturize. Korean skin whitening experts explain how moisturising your skin will go useless if not done in the right way. It is important to have a clean and neat skin every morning & night before you moisturise. Apply moisturiser in circular motions stroking upwards to help boost up blood circulation. Using Korean skin whitening moisturisers containing ingredients that retains water, strengthens skin’s natural barrier & seals in moisturiser helps.

Suggested Products

  1. Guerisson 9 Complex Essence
  2. Guerisson 9 Complex toner
  3. Guerisson 9 Complex lotion

3.Getting Full Sleep

If you stay sleepless for nights, forget about any miracle product to change what you look like. Getting your nerves to relax and calm down is what you require to achieve a healthy sound sleep. Staying stressed speeds up the ageing process. Soothe and relaxes your senses by pampering yourself to 24K gold spa treatment once in a while.

Korean women flaunt the same even texture and satin finish regardless of how brutal weather gets. A right skin care regimen will help you fix your basic concerns. Build your daily skin care routine with Korean skin whitening & skin care products