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Where most of us crave for summer and a sun-kissed look; it is nothing to deny that how frustrating tanning could be for the rest half of the world’s population. Even though you rush to the beach as Sun begins to blaze, there is no logic exposing yourself to sunlight without proper protection. Sun burn could lead to severe inflammation, rash & an irritable sensation in the body that will keep you home-bound for the rest of the season. Since prevention is better than cure; doctors recommend travelling/ partying out with a handy summer kit containing sunglasses, UV protection contact lenses, wide-rim hats & tons of broad spectrum organically sourced sun screen.

Korean Skin Care Sun Protection: Cloud 9 Ray 360 Sunblock Cream

Korean skin care sunscreen

Sunburn is inevitable during hot & humid summer season. No matter how hard you try you can’t completely ignore the burn. Sun rays are very intense and unforgiving during peak hours i.e. from 10 AM to 4PM. The best bet to prevent a tan is to limit the outdoor activities. Observe restriction in travelling to higher altitudes & equatorial regions. In Korea, people are obsessed with skincare thus we see them shining with translucent rosy glow. Apart from slathering sun protection balm generously; they follow the below rituals to avoid the suntan.


In summer, our skin is less itchy & scaly as it is in winter. This however, does not mean we begin ignoring the routine skin care. To help get rid of a greasy sheen, clogged pores & black heads; exfoliate once every week. Exfoliation ploughs away the dead skin cells including the superficial tan that occurs during daily commute.


Most of the women are mistaken that their skin needs no moisturizer in summer. The worst you can do to your skin is skipping on the daily moisturizer. Though your skin may not feel as dry or rough in summer as it has been during winter; sun damage is worse than you could expect. Sun burn disturbs oil-moisture balance that rips off the uppermost layer of lipid tissues. As a result you get inflamed & flaky skin texture. Moisturize using an organic emollient that aims at strengthening skin’s barrier; for instance Guerisson 9 Complex lotion.

3.Using Sunscreen with SPF 50

A UV interception balm with SPF 30 may be quite effective for you if you have a fair skin tone but people with a warm under tone would like to prefer SPF 50 over 30 due to the melanin pigmentation. Cloud 9 Ray 360 is one of its kind sunscreen that not only blocks UVA &B rays but also inhibit the damage caused by electromagnetic waves, continuously being emitted from digital devices & cosmetic laser equipment.

Sunscreen Cloud9 Ray Korean skin care

 It is a light weight non-greasy Korean skin care formula that brightens and lightens the complexion with time. It has a light-weight moisture rich formula that gets readily absorbed into the skin. With a fresh floral scent, this very Korean skin care balm is recommended to all skin types.

Korean skin care products are sourced from botanicals to help skin glow, purify, regenerate & soothe. Following the same concept; Cloud 9 Ray 360 contains peppermint, watermelon, wheat germ oil, chia seed extracts etc to enhance skin barrier & help maintaining a radiant youthful skin.

Through Korean skin care routine; you can reduce the sun damage. Moreover; increasing the intake of water, taking beauty sleep of 8 hours & wearing lose fabrics made of natural fibers help your body stay cool and perspiring.