face oils

This is nothing new or surprising that our skin suffers the most during the brutal season of winter. Temperature has not dropped zero yet and out skin is already acting crazy. Patchy texture & dehydrated scaly skin leaves all of us embarrassed to tackle which we slather a lot of moisturisers, creams & body butters. If nothing seems to make a difference; now is the time to modify your daily skin care regimen. According to Korean skin care experts; facial oils help maintaining the PH balance of your skin that ensures winter glow and smooth even texture which envies.

Face Oils are Better than Creams

Our skin is a hydrolipidic compound meaning it contains sebum, triglycerides, ceramides, essential fatty acids and water. Though emulsions such as lotions, creams and moisturisers are a mixture of both oil & water; they are in some cases less effective than face oil. Face oil actually serves as a carrier of other vital products that ensures the quick absorption of nutrients and penetration into lower epidermal layers. Face oil is crucial during season of deep distress where your skin needs a speedy recovery.

Face Oils Protect Skin Barrier

Lipid layer on our skin protects the skin from external agents. When this lipid layer is compromised you observe patches, dehydrated skin and rash all over. This happens when due to the extreme weather changes, your skin loses its ability to produce the natural oils in enough quantity.

To over come this deficiency face oil helps you resurrecting your dry skin. Face oil rejuvenates instantly, repair the damaged tissues & protect skin’s acid mantle to keep it glowing.

Face Oils Improve Skin’s Resilience

Oils containing seeds absorbs quickly and penetrate deeper into skin. They make skin glow without leaving it greasy or shiny. It improves skin’s resilience, repairs and rejuvenates damaged/aged skin.

Guerisson Signature serum face oil

Guerisson Complex Signature oil serum contains oils from five seeds and horse oil that mimics human sebum. They are readily absorbed into skin, promoting healthy & vibrant skin texture. Apply it daily at least once after bath or when your face is freshly splashed with water. Guerisson signature oil serum will help holding the water longer keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised the whole day.