Red ginseng roots

Red ginseng is as old as mankind. Famous for anti-ageing & skin whitening properties; Korean women rely greatly on products containing red ginseng. Korean skin care products featuring red ginseng may be sold expensively due to the way it is grown.  Being 100% organic; Asian ginseng has innumerable skin care benefits to offer besides improving the state of vital organs of human body. Not only does it control blood pressure, red ginseng continues to surprise with its abilities to bring improvements in erectile dysfunction, increasing sexual drives & keeping you feel youthful even in the later years of your life.


Red ginseng is basically known as anti-ageing ingredient. It combats free radicals that cause pre mature ageing.

It maintains and increases collagen formation that begins to deplete after you turn 25. Since collagen is needed to keep skin firm, plump and younger looking; it is necessary to prevent collagen disturbances. With Guerisson ginseng skin care essence; you get younger looking skin and an impeccable texture that bears no wrinkles or fine lines.

2. Complexion Booster

Red roots of ginseng inhibit melanin production that is responsible for skin tanning. It prevents skin from sun damage, shrink enlarged pores, keeps your complexion glowing & make you feel fresh & radiant. Applying Guerisson ginseng essence with horse oil on daily basis helps forming a preventive barrier between sun and your skin.

3. Anti- Inflammatory

Ginseng is naturally an anti-inflammatory ingredient. It is said in ancient times, women from noble Korean families would bathe in ginseng water to prepare their body for the big day. It heals inflammation & improves puffiness. With red ginseng eye cream you will never wake up  puffy eyes in the morning.

4. Skin Toner

Ginseng roots make a noteworthy skin toner. It promotes blood circulation in facial tissues that ensure a radiant complexion. Guerisson red ginseng essence also prevents skin sagging. A properly toned skin means freedom from acne & breakouts.

Red ginseng Korean skin care

If you have been looking for a complete Korean skin care range to which you can  fully rely on, for your all concerns then look no further. Get yourself Guerisson red ginseng products and let it do the magic on you!