Korean skin care serum

Where Korean women have been busy religiously following the 10-step Korean skin care routine; we the sleeping beauties from the rest of the world are still trying to decipher the Korean beauty codes. There is a lot more to understand from serum & ampoules to essence, lotion & emulsion. Usually women in the west invest on anything that floats the boat, but drafting a daily routine thoughtfully, brings optimum results. You may not necessarily need to skimp your wallet buying every Korean skin care product on the shelf if you are only concerned about the specific problem areas. “Serums”- Korean skin care serums are essentially the facial oils that are highly concentrated, able to penetrate deep into skin due to the smaller molecular formula & are more affordable than ampoules.

How a Korean Skin Care Serum Spot Treat my Skin Concerns?

Skin care should not be stressful and this is what Korean skin care serum guarantees. You don’t need to spend time which product goes underneath which to achieve a flawless & glowing complexion. The first & foremost concern should be healing your skin inside out & you will eventually notice an impeccable texture that is smooth. Your skin will be radiant and rosy.

Korean skin care serum spot fixes the troubles. Have you been bothered by thinning of skin & growing wrinkles? Choose any anti-ageing serum. If its acne killing your beauty or enlarged pores; grab yourself a serum that helps obtaining clear skin. For instance; Guerisson Signature oil serum does not only penetrate deep to heal the damaged tissues but it works hard to re-illuminate the skin.

A Korean skin care serum is rich in active ingredients & essential oils. Despite being a facial oil, a serum is nothing gooey. It is far more hydrating than ordinary moisturizer. Since moisturizers and creams are heavier in consistency they tend to trigger breakouts. Serums, on the other hand are lighter in consistency but concentrated in ingredients. This makes them highly beneficial for skin as they are packed with multi vitamins.

The best part of Korean skin care products is the packaging. The right type of dispenser & the perfect size help consuming the product to its fullest even before the expiry date approaches. A serum promotes healthy skin complexion, radiant & smooth texture while constructing a barrier on skin against environmental aggressors.

Buy Horse oil Guerisson Korean skin care serum to soften dry patches & uplift the sagging skin that has lost the elasticity. Clinically tested; this serum is a non-comedogenic & hypoallergenic product.