Dry & flaky skin does not only come peeling off but also leaves your face inflamed & itchy. Instead of resorting to the anti-inflammatory creams, look for moisturizers that are organically sourced. Achieve healthy, smooth & radiant complexion with a skincare routine that is well-versed to your body needs.

Why does my Skin Flake/Peel in Summer & Winter Alike?

Guerisson 9 Complex cream for dry  patchy skin

Containing horse oil and 9 unique herbs, Guerisson 9 complex cream penetrates deep into skin tissues and heal patchy skin overnight

Skin on the face is thinnest and hence fragile. Natural oils help keep a moisture-oil balance but when the lipid layer is broken, skin begins to flake & itch. Sun damage, hot long showers & poor skincare routine aggravate the troubles. The best remedy to prevent moisture loss is to keep your body adequately hydrated and skin moisturized. Guerisson 9 Complex cream is loaded with the richness of 9 herbs that helps your skin lock-in moisture for next 72 hours.

4 Steps to Combat Flaky Skin

1.Avoid Bar Soaps & Harsh Cleansers

Harsh chemicals commonly found in moisturizers are the criminal cause that turn your skin flaky during extreme weather conditions. Avoid anti-bacterial bar soaps since they are way too drying for the skin. Replace harsh cleansers with mild, fragrance-free bubble cleansers that are sourced from botanicals.

2.Prevent Dry Patches by Moisturizing Properly

It’s a common myth that leaving your skin damp will keep it prevented from dryness. Once the water evaporates the skin will be tighter and dryer than before.  Avoid rough towels and pat your skin dry prior to moisturizer application.

Toner helps preparing a smooth skin canvas for the subsequent skincare steps. Helps locking in moisture  prevents depletion of lipid layer

Every skin needs to be moisturized whether oily or dry. However, dry skin needs utmost care. Applying Guerisson 9 complex toner as a first skin moisture booster will prepare your skin for the subsequent skincare steps. Containing resurrection plant, it claims to prevent dry patches and calms down inflamed & patchy areas. Application of Guerisson 9 Complex cream then improves skin barrier & increases moisture retention.

3.Choose the Right Moisturizers for your Skin Type

It is always frightening to choose through the tremendously terrific range of moisturizers available on drug stores. Finding a right cleanser & moisturizer is almost impractically impossible if you are unaware of your skin type. If after applying a moisturizer you feel an uncomfortable tightness & itching; you are applying a wrong moisturizer that is stripping your skin off its natural oils.

Guerisson 9 complex cream to treat dry patches on skin

A moisturizer should be light weight that penetrates deep and instantly, without leaving a gooey sensation. Guerisson 9 Complex cream has a nourishing buttery texture that improves elasticity & reduces bruises caused by stretchiness due to moisture loss.

4.Protect Skin: Strengthen Skin Barrier

Our facial skin is always exposed to harmful environmental aggressors. Protecting the lipid layer to keep moisture sealed in, is essential for healthy radiant skin that boasts a flawless texture. Apply Guerisson 9 complex cream for overnight treatment. Containing horse oil that shares the chemistry with human sebum, it effectively penetrates deep into tissues and help healing dry patches. This non-comedogenic cream is suitable for all types throughout the year.