xmas hangover

After long holidays & Christmas vacations, the post- depression surge arrives. Vodka rounds & cocktail shots veil your face with a grey mask, horrifying dark circles and blood-shot eyes. The Christmas hangover usually lasts a day or two but your lack-lustrous scaly skin remains tell a tale sign of your post night hangover. You know you need to beat it before you leave your bed to go out for work. Re-hydrating your body to combat through the alcoholic reaction may take time of a week but treating your skin is just a night venture when you have Korean beauty products to rescue.

Korean Beauty Products Hangover Pack

Cleanse, Invigorate & Rehydrate

High intake of alcohol rips your skin off its natural moisture hence leaves it dry and scaly. Overstuffing during long Christmas vacations and merciless cold weather further aggravates the condition. As a result your skin is brittle that makes your face looks sulky & eyes puffy.  Korean beauty products provide a quick fix of hangover, since Korean skin care regimen aims at deep cleansing, invigorating & moisturizing.

Korean beauty product face wash

The first step to fighting hangover is to deep cleanse your skin. It is essential to remove makeup at night since going to sleep with makeup on clogs your skin & cause free radicals to attach. This can increase signs of ageing that precisely includes crow’s feet, appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Cleansing your face using a foam cleanser is considered crucial in Korean skin care regime. Cloud 9 Magic Capsule Cleanser contains rice water & goat milk that helps brightening the dull skin after heavy intake of alcohol. Beta carotene found in goat milk penetrates deep into skin that instantly forms a luminescent sheen. The bubble cleansers also exfoliate that help getting rid of dull & damaged skin. The gentle invigoration leaves your skin fresh for the following morning.


After you are done wiping off the impurities, it is time to rehydrate your skin using a soothing moisturizer or serum. Korean beauty products can do magic due to the natural healing properties. The organic ingredients found in Guerisson 9 Complex essence increases moisture retention, firms skin over time & help ensuring youthful appearance. The active ingredients restore the lost moisture by making it vibrant & healthy again after the hang over.

Finish it off using a Famous Korean Beauty Product

Korean beauty products: Sheet masks

Combating a hangover can be tricky. The numbness, headaches & dizziness are all signs of your prolonged hangover. Replace glasses of cocktails and caffeine mugs with water & water only. Replenish your hangover skin immediately when leaving for work using a famous Korean beauty product i.e. sheet mask. Skin79 fruit masks quench the thirst of hang over skin immediately where fresh fruit essences spot treat the concerns. They immediately lift the sagging skin that is common with hang over. Fruit sheet masks continues to impress by ensuring immediate brightening & glowing effect.

Keep your Arsenal of Korean Beauty Products Ready

Wise women always plan ahead. It is recommended to build your kit of Korean beauty products just as you do your first aid kit. If unfortunately, you are unable to grab the said products, you need not to fret. The elixir of Korean skin care is aloevera. Skin79 Aloe Aqua soothing gel helps reducing inflammation on cheeks, puffiness around eyes and overall redness caused by hangover skin. The Holy Grail of aloevera revitalizes skin and resurrect it in no time!


Hiding a hangover with Korean beauty products is everyone’s cup of tea. You however would need to take Panadol for the headache, we are afraid we can’t help you with.