Milky white skin that glows from within does not only look pretty but also is an indicative of good health. Korean women are known to stay youthful even after crossing the age bracket of 30. Though genes & climate decide the pattern of one’s physique and looks, diet & skin care products also play an important role in improving the lifestyle. If you are living at the other corner of the world but envies how Korean women shine, fret not. We bring you Korean whitening tips that will leave your skin illuminated with a dewy finish.

How to Whiten Skin the Korean Way

Korean women are very meticulous about their skin care regime. To achieve the ’no-makeup’ nude look, they usually layer the products. Protecting yourself from sun damage is the key whereas keeping yourself hydrated is one of the dominant feature of Korean skin brightening routine.


Avoid the Sun: Wear modest dresses when out in the sun. It is crucial to keep your skin as less exposed as possible since damaging UV rays darken the skin, cause hyperpigmentation & affect the elasticity. Wearing a sun block is considered mandatory in Korea under your foundation. Apply a thick layer of your favorite Korean BB cream to prevent sun rays reaching your skin. The triple action formula of Korean BB creams keep your skin glowing & youthful.

Skin Whitening Products: Not all skin whitening products are created equal. Skin whitening products that are substandard may contain harsh chemicals and bleaching agents that do more bad than good. On the other hand, brightening products that come from Korea mostly contain botanical & organic ingredients that carry minimal risks of side effects.


Using skin whitening products regularly makes a huge world of a difference. Keep glowing with a rosy shine & dewy finish.

Off to Bed Skin Care: Never go to bed with makeup on. Cosmetics, unless mineral settles down into pores and clog them. It may cause development of white/ black heads & disturb the balance of the skin. Remove makeup thoroughly using a Korean facial cleanser followed by exfoliation. Apply Guerisson 9 Complex skin essence to achieve a radiant glow.