Winter Korean skin care regime

Dry and red drippy nose, chapped/peeled lips and cracked skin with evident signs of irritation and flakes around eyes do not make a pleasing sight. The chilly winter winds leave your skin cracked, dry and dehydrated. To keep glowing and maintain your dewy texture; you must have these 3 Korean skin care products. Fighting against winter blooms would have not been possible this effortlessly in the absence of Korean skin care products.

Korean Skin Care Products for winter

1.Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Let not myths about winter sun confuse you. It is a common misconception that winter season does not leave you tanned. People tend to neglect using sunscreen that paves ways for further skin damage. In winter UVA rays are always present. UVB rays come back in summer when the earth is tilted more towards the sun. Most of the sun blocks are formulated to intercept UVB rays only that makes little to no difference when applied in winter. Your SPF 30 sun block will be a wastage of money if it does not clearly read “ Broad spectrum UVB & PA+++” Cloud 9 Ray 360 is a kind of sun block you can blindly trust in winter. It is a non-greasy, hydrating Korean skin care formula with 6 moisturising herbs & seeds that provide protection from all UV rays & damage caused by artificial light sources.

2. A Promising Eye Cream

Skin around eyes is the most delicate and thinnest. It takes on weather harshness and become dry and flaky. If left untreated, it will develop fine lines, wrinkles and irritated patches that make your eyes look inflamed and puffy. It is important to provide an instant boost of moisture & hydration to the tissues they lost after being exposed to colder climate. Korean skin care Red Ginseng eye cream, containing horse oil shares the same chemistry with human sebum so is why it gets instantly absorbed. It restores the elasticity; making your skin look firm and eyes youthful.

3.A Nutritious Skin Serum

In winter you need a heavy moisturizing formula with a pronounced effect. When regular creams, lotions and moisturizers fail to work; switch to Korean skin care oil serums. Guerisson Signature oil serum is infused with vital ingredients and essential oil that your skin desperately needs in winter. It hydrates, moisturizes and illuminates your skin. This is a unique Korean skin care products that combine the benefits of oils + serums in a single product. As you rub it on; it releases nutritious oil that helps locking in the moisture and forms a protective barrier whereas serum penetrates deep down to mend the damage done by winter winds.

Winter is about to hit us hard. Stock on Korean skin care winter essentials before your skin begins showing the arrogance!