Korean skin care

It’s a great moment of disappointment when your makeup is on fleek but you can’t get a selfie worth your IG profile. Since photos preserve one’s memories, everybody wants to look just the best in the reel life. True, the lights & camera lens play an important role but it is your body attitude & makeup that actually make it or break it. You don’t need photo filters or apps to create flawless photos but Korean skin care products. Keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized & toned form an impeccable base that looks astoundingly ravishing to help you click better photos.

1. Prep your Skin for a Healthy Glow

Korean skin care whitening serum

Ever wondered why Korean women always appear as an epitome of beauty regardless of how old they are? They really seem to demonstrate the idea “age is just a number”. A well hydrated skin does not only shine from within but envies everyone with its plump texture. You need no hyaluronic fillers to get the killer looks in photos. A simple Korean skin care whitening serum will get the job done. Cloud9 Blanc DE Whitening serum promotes radiant skin, quenching skin’s thirst whilst improving the texture to silky finish. It primes your skin for flawless makeup look that is the first step to achieving better photo graphs.

2. Matte Makeup Look

Korean skin care matte makeup

First things first. You don’t want to look sweaty in pictures so avoid using too much of the illuminating products. Prepare a matte base using a BB cream followed after a Korean skin care CC cream. Skin79 makes use of organic ingredients that instead of forming a luminescent film penetrate deep into the skin to make it glow from within. It helps creating a matte look that is actually very welcoming for the application of other subsequent makeup products.

Makeup experts strictly warns against using shimmer for photo shoot since too much of sparkle can exaggerate your features. If on the other hand you have serious love bond with your shimmer, experts recommend creating a matte base or a velvet finish. Skin79 BB creams does the exact job- leave your skin dewy and velvety. Now very carefully, apply a powder highlighter with a subtle sheen at the Nose Bridge and top of the cheek bones. Blend it using powder brush for a natural finish.

3. Korean Skin Care Gold Mask: Deal with Double Chin

Double chin is the major turn off factor every woman has to deal with at least once in life. If left untreated your skin may begin to loose & sag due to which double chin may become permanent. You might have heard about elongating your neck & posing by bringing your face out to combat double chin but these hacks don’t always bring the promised results. To eradicate the issue completely, try something practical to tighten your loosing skin. Guerisson9 Complex Hydrogel gold mask lifts skin up & help firming it.  24K gold is said to be the beauty secret of Cleopatra & using Korean skin care gold mask vows to help you defining your jawline by eliminating the double chin.

Remember, the sorcery behind Korean skin care regime is to catch the root cause of flaw & then treating it. Instead of covering the imperfections, Korean skin care products work to bring improvement from grass root level.  Pose, irrespective of how camera captures you. Every photo is worth being posted when you glow from within!