It will not be wrong to say that Korean women are genuinely obsessed with skin care. They are known for their translucent rosy skin that flaunts a smooth & even texture. Achieving such remarkable flawless skin is not only a game of heredity but one’s own skin care regime is even a bigger deciding factor. Although Korean women use a dozen of products on daily basis; women belonging from the rest of the world find it tedious to stay standing in front of the mirror. For busy women who rarely manage to find time out for themselves, Korean experts have a life hack. With only these 3 Korean beauty products you can achieve glowing skin everybody will envy.

3 Korean Beauty Products for Everyday

  1. Guerisson Skin Relief Cleansing Foam

Guerisson Cleansing Foam Korean beauty products

In Korea, women are addicted with foam cleansing wash. Human skin is hydrophobic that means it is water resistant. The first layer of skin is lipids due to which a water based face wash is incapable of thorough cleansing. Though foaming facials may turn skin drier; the viscous bubble formula penetrates deep down and help removing dead cells besides cell debris, germs & makeup buildup. Guerisson skin relief cleansing foam with horse milk powder soothes sensitive skin & prevents inflammation. It cleanses as effectively as an oil cleanser but without leaving your skin gooey or shiny.

2. Guerisson Signature Oil Serum

Korean beauty products  Guerisson oil serum

A serum is the last skin care product that prepares your face for makeup application. Serum is a very concentrated emollient containing active ingredients that narrowly targets the focused skin concerns for instance; brightening, improving wrinkles, reducing enlarged pores & lifting skin for a youthful appearance. Guerisson Signature Oil serum penetrates deep down the skin to introduce a healthy glow. It strengthens skin barrier by coating it with a thin layer which has been very effective restoring oil moisture balance. It keeps skin hydrated, soft to touch & firm.

3. Guerisson Red Ginseng Eye Cream

Guerisson red ginseng eye cream

Never wakeup with puffy eyes. Red Ginseng eye cream helps reducing crowfeet and fine lines around eyes. The cream is applied daily on thoroughly washed face every night & morning followed after. It delays ageing & enhance skin firmness.

Although Korean skin care routine is immensely expensive & time consuming, achieving flawless skin is not this impossible. Using these 3 Korean beauty products religiously on daily basis will turn your skin firmer, brighter & younger looking. Buy product samples to help your skin test these Korean beauty products at a gift price.